ZStack User Manual


ZStack is an open source software that manages compute nodes, networks, and storage to provide infrastructure as a service(IaaS) solution, written in Java and Python.

This documentation is a full reference of all ZStack features. If you haven’t installed ZStack and tried out several tutorials, please visit our web site for installation and tutorials.

Chapters in this documentation are arranged in sections of:

  • Overview: gives your a brief background of the topic.
  • Inventory: explains the data model of the resource (e.g. zone, virtual machine), which usually starts with a table listing properties of the resource, and is followed by detailed explanations of properties that are not straightforward.
  • Operations: explains every API manipulating the resource. APIs are explained in examples of ZStack command tool that you will see in chapter 3.
  • Global Configurations: explains every global configuration that can be applied to the resource, if there is any.
  • System Tags: explains every system tag that can be applied to the resource, if there is any.

We recommend users to start with the chapter Introduction and read at least chapters Resource Model, Command Line Tool, and Query all of which are important for your daily use of ZStack. For other chapters, you can use them as references when you need, for example, looking up chapter Virtual Machine when you want to find out the command for creating a VM.